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Allcam provides complete external data storage solutions, from extremely portable pendrive, to massive capacity external hard drive, to versatile external DVD burner, suitable for personal and small to medium business use.

Portable hard drives (12)

External hard drives (4)

External DVD burners (2)

External CD burners (2)

USB Pendrive (4)

USB USB2.0 Firewire 2.5" hard drive enclosures (3)

USB USB2.0 Firewire 3.5" hard drive enclosures (2)

5.25" DVD DVD-RW DVD+RW drive enclosures (3)

USB 2.0 / Firewire cards (1)

laptop hard drives (8)

Portable hard drives

best choice if you need to frequently transfer a lot of data between your home & office, it is compact to fit in your pocket (so was also called pocket hard drive). USB version of pocket hard drive is highly recommended due to its cheaper price yet still offer reasonable data transfer speed, however if you are really concerned with data speed or if you get gigabytes of data to be backed up every day, you 'd better choose the USB2 version or USB2 / Firewire combo version of portable hard drives ...

Portable hard drive USB from 10 GB to 40GB

USB portable hard drive

10GB USB pocket hard drive £66.98

12GB USB pocket hard drive £69.98

20GB USB pocket hard drive £89.98

Portable hard driveUSB2.0 , from 10 GB to 60GB
  USB2.0 portable hard drive

12GB USB2.0 pocket hard drive £69.98

20GB USB2.0 pocket hard drive £94.98

40GB USB2.0 pocket hard drive £129.98

Portable hard drive USB2.0 / Firewire combo , from 12 GB to 60GB
  Firewire portable hard drive

12GB combo pocket hard drive £69.98

20GB combo pocket hard drive £109.98

40GB combo pocket hard drive £159.98

20GB USB2.0 pocket hard drive £189.98

External hard drives

Data backup made easy & fast! Good choice if you have gigabytes of data to backup regularly, or you just want a easy way to add extra storage space to your computer. High data speed interface USB2.0 (downward compatible with USB port) not only saves hours of time for your data backup job compare to traditional tap backup, but also very easily and convenient ( just plug into the USB / USB2.0 port of the computer)

External hard drive USB2.0

USB external hard drive

20GB USB external hard drive £69.98

External hard drive USB2.0 Firewire combo, from 80 GB to 200 GB
  USB2.0 external hard drive

80GB USB2.0 external hard drive £89.98

120GB USB2.0 external hard drive £119.98

120GB USB2.0 external hard drive £169.98

External DVD burners

Internal DVD burner is expensive, so why not buy an external one and share it between computers? There are several different formats of recordable DVD, among them DVD-R ad DVD+R have the best compatiblity with home DVD players and computer DVD drives. DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW are generally good as data storage device.

External DVD+R / RW drive USB2.0 4.7GB
  external DVD burner

This external DVD burner can record DVD movie on DVD+R/RW which can be played by most of the DVD players,

Only £ 89.98!

External DVD+R /RW / DVD-R/RW drive USB2.0 4.7GB
  external DVD burner

This external DVD burner can record DVD movie on DVD+R, DVD-Rwhich can be played by most of the DVD players, it also burns CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD+RW, DVD-RWdiscs.

Only £ 145.98!

External CD burners

An extremely easy way to add CD burner to your computer ( just plug into the USB / USB2.0 port), and you can share it between any compute (with USB / USB2 port), even MACs!

Eexternal CD-RW drive USB2.0
  external DVD burner

52 x 24 x 52 only £79.98

USB Pendrive

offer extreme portability & security, the whole pendrive is only the size of finger; it use static solid flash memory technology so data is much safer in pendrive then hard drive; the whole pendrive can also be password protected, hence never worry about leaking any commercial secret

PQI pendrive ( USB travelling disk)
  PQI pendrive

PQI 64:
64 MB Unitek pendrive only £19.98

128 MB Unitek pendrive only £34.98

Unitek USB pendrive
  USB pendrive

64 MB Unitek pendrive only £29.98

128 MB Unitek pendrive only £39.98


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